Po' Petroso Olive Oil

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Look at the Label !

According  to Council Regulation (EC) 182 of 6 March 2009, is strictly required in all European Community countries to indicate on the label the origin of olives used to produce virgin and extra virgin olive oil. That means that in the label of the true Italian oil should be reported inscriptions such as "from Italian olives", "obtained from olives grown in Italy" or "100% Italian olives". For mixtures of different origin will be specified either "mixtures of Community olive oils", or "mixtures of non-Community olive oils" or "blend of Community olive oils and non-EU". In many labels, the words "mixture of Community olive oils" is generally stated in small print at the edge of the label, hardly visible to the consumer. These oils are not Italian and anyway in most casItalian Flages, while considering mixtures Community, is not guaranteed in the mix there is a very small percentage of Italian olive oils. At present,according to current regulation, to make sure to eat Italian oil the consumer should buy extra virgin olive oil BIO, DOP, IGP certified product or an extra virgin olive oil with the words "100% Italian", "produced only with Italian olives" or "produced from olives grown in Italy". Currently, there are still bottles on the market without any indication of origin. It means that it is old oil bottled prior to 30 June 2009. 

Regrettably the label very seldom tells you when olives were harvested and milled. It merely indicates the olive oil expiration date, generally two years from the time that it was bottled.
The only way to check how fresh is: once opened, sniff it !