Po' Petroso Olive Oil

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How To Taste Olive Oil

It's up to official tasters panel to determinate the goodness of the oil in a sort of numerical range according to its flavor. But there is nothing to prevent you from personally doing this test much to your delight and satisfaction. Taste is rather subjective.
The test results will be better if you have not eaten since an hour and not smoked since thirty minutes.
Take care to cleanse your palate with some water and a piece of bread before each tasting 
and then, in a few words ......

-- put some amount of the different oils in transparent glass bowls ;

--Inhaleswirl oil around in bowl warming it within your hands to allow the aroma in the oil be released and exalted and to evaluate its fluidity;

-- inhale deeply to notice the intensity of the bouquet;

--testtake some drops in the mouth and put softly your tongue to the palate to get first flavors;

-- take a more substantial draught of oil (a teaspoon) mixing it with air to help release flavors; before swallowing keep it in your mouth for 20 seconds about to gradually enjoy the taste;

-- enjoy the intensity of the aftertaste.

But, what is better that personally participate to a "video" Olive Oil tasting demonstration ?
I suggest you to pay attention to Mr. Michael North speaking about this argument. Mr. North is a famous olive oil expert, judge and taster, TV and media personality, founder of the Seasonal Fresh Olive Oil Club and  -according to my opinion- much more than that.

Anyway, the panel test is not to be considered by itself sufficient to determinate the goodness of the oil because olive oil may be easily adulterated by chemistry on fatty matter.

EEC regulation states testing of many other indicators of the chemical quality of the virgin olive oils. If these qualifications don't completely stand the tests olive oil will be classed in a different way.