Po' Petroso Olive Oil

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I could write a book on this topic.  But there is a fantastic man who has the gift of synthesis. This is Mr. North, a famous olive oil expert, judge and taster, TV and media personality, founder of the Seasonal Fresh Olive Oil Club . No doubt his words are more effective than a printed book..

Sure, olive oil is a key ingredient in most kitchens and dinner tables but there are many other ways it can be used.
Wikipedia lists various:
  • health benefits.  I quote some as reduction in the risk of coronary heart disease; lowering blood sugar levels and blood pressure;  protective effect against certain malignant tumours in the breast, prostate, endometrium and digestive tract;
  • medicinal use: acting as a stool softener. Olive oil is also a potent blocker of intestinal contractions;  it is also used at room temperature as an ear wax softener.

Wikipedia reports also alternative uses-no food- :
  • when used in soap making and as lamp oil.
  •  as an excellent lubricant: it can be used in place of machine oil.
  • and so on ....
Personally, I just bring a few old .....

my Grandmother's Remedies

"Washed" oil : a special unguent my grandmother used when I was a boy. Still valid magic ointment to your sun burnt skin or your baby's inflamed bottom !!
Very easy to prepare:
    2 spoons of extra virgin olive oil
    1 spoon of water
Shake these two ingredients until you get a pasty emulsion, a sort of "cream" ready to be spread on your body.
Rough elbows : if you have rough elbows it will be sufficient to dip them in a bowl with some lukewarm olive oil (it can be used several times). They will become smooth in little time.

Snoring :Snoring to prevent this annoying problem, you need to moisten, lubricate and tone the pharynx in an effective and durable way.
As the effectiveness of a good anti-snoring coincides with a lubrication lasting (over night) of the tissues of the throat , it is suggested taking a swig of olive oil before going to bed.