Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil

Having a strong vocation for organic farming, we have never used chemical fertilizers or pesticides; soil fertility is achieved with organic fertilizers and by grinding and crushing weeds and pruning material. The healthy climate, the content and the composition of the soil give the fruits produced a particular flavor.

The olives used to produce our oil are first harvested by hand at the right degree of ripeness; we use harvesters, combs and plastic nets to keep the fruit clean and avoid a contact with the ground. The olives are transferred to the mill as soon as possible. It is important to harvest the olives in the right season and we usually start picking them in late October. The fruit must be still “green” so that the pulp does not undergo the damaging process of fermentation or be bitten by sudden frosts. Finally, it is essential that the mill uses a traditional method of cold pressing.

Working in the olive orchard